Silmec is able to carry out a wide range of EDM machining operations on Turbogas components.

Plunge EDM
The department has four manual EDMs two of which with oversized vat able to contain large size items. The use of these machines ranges from the disassemble of accessories (inserts and seals) to the restoring of profiles on the ends of the blades in the early reconditioning stages, to the processing based on drawings of delicate parts on complex components (such as honeycomb seals).

Wire EDM
Two CNC EDMs are present, used for the processing of small series of components, for the production of small parts that require a high degree of precision and to manufacture equipment for internal use.

This production area has undergone a deep transformation over the last two years; in fact, in addition to a first 3 axle micro boring machine other three were added with CNC, 4 axles and 600 mm of Z processing, on the whole these allow us to extend the range of the offered processing, ranging from the reopening of jammed holes to the welding in the reconditioned blades, to the complete drilling on new components and, in some cases, the drilling on sheet metal parts as an alternative to 3D laser.