For over a decade the constant research of new work methods and new abrasive materials has allowed us to obtain the best production performance.

For more than twelve years, we have been processing tens of thousands of stator and rotor blades of any type, from all the major brands of turbines operating worldwide, continually searching for new work methods and new abrasive materials able to achieve the best performance and having as a main objective the elimination of roughness and aesthetics, affecting to a minimum the coating components.

Our versatile team operates the finishing department, skilled in every type of manual treatment, supported by a solid production structure that uses machinery such as:
- 4 grinding/polishing stations on extraction hood benches;
- 2 Norblast manual pressure sanding machines;
- 2 Silco manual pressure shot-peening machines;
- 2 Silco manuals depression shot-peening machines.

During the production phase we constantly monitor the roughness both during the polishing and at the end of the processing through digital surface indicators.
In addition, in the finishing of components coated with thermal barrier we also monitor the thickness of the ceramic coating with an Eddy Current digital feeler gauge.