It represents our true strong point: the production of cooling inserts and accessories for any Gas Turbine type and brand.

Thanks to our experience we can support the customer in all stages of production, from the construction of equipment (dies, assembly jigs and testing), internally managing the die pressing (3 presses, a 100 ton hydraulic one, two 80 and 50 ton mechanical ones) and the assembly (3 bench welders and 3 Tig welders).

The required heat treatments are outsourced (solubilization and brazing),together with non-destructive tests(penetrants, etc) and any laser workings (cutting and drilling).

The equipment is completed with:
-1 cutter and 1 manual parallel lathe, used for the construction of
assembly equipment;
- 1 grinder for the recovery of our dies;
- 2 machines for sheet metal calendering;
- 1 hydraulic shears.

Practically, starting from the technical drawing, we are able to provide the Customer with a finished part ready to be assembled.